trans resources

on a rectangular image, dark blue text reads "trans resources!" in the middle of a white stripe that is flanked on either side by pink stripes which are in turn flanked by blue stripes to make the trans pride flag. "" is written in the same dark blue font in the bottom right corner.

updated 4/11/2020

i’ve been putting together a spreadsheet of resources for trans folks and i think that it’s now a significant enough document to make public. it certainly still has room to grow and if you see a resource missing from it, please email me at!

i am especially interested in getting info about organizations outside of seattle, since that’s definitely a weakness in the sheet right now.

this spreadsheet is very much a living document that i am always adding to!

current table of contents for the spreadsheet reads as follows:

For Teaching Trans 101 to Cis Folks
Workplace Policies

Seattle Area Organizations & Resources
Organizations & Resources Outside of Seattle

National and Transnational Organizations
Resources for Allies/Accomplices

link to the spreadsheet

(if you would like to support this and other current and forthcoming projects, you can do so at

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