six resources for teaching cis folks you’re stuck with during self-isolation about trans identities

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while some trans and/or non-binary are stuck in dangerously cissexist environments (follow this link for some help in dealing with that), some of us are stuck in casually cissexist environments — that is, some cis folks who love us don’t have trans education down, but they want to learn.

i’ve been gathering resources for months about teaching trans 101 to cis folks, because i’m tired of having to do the legwork of getting basic trans info together over and over again. these resources — and many more — are compiled on this spreadsheet, but i’ve highlighted some of my favorites below. all of these resources are accessible for free online.

it can be a lot of emotional labor for us to educate folks about our identities and my hope is that this article gives you the tools to send those well-meaning cis folks off to educate themselves with sources that, while imperfect, are solid starting points.

trans 101

trams 101 is an australian website hosting a “gender diversity crash course.” trans 101 uses videos and booklets to convey its information, allowing visitors to interact with its materials in whichever way works best for them. in addition to providing basic educational information about what being trans is and is like, trans 101 also helps guide visitors in making the world a better place for trans folks. the information is solid and nuanced and making the further step to guide folks in how to use it makes me really appreciate this site.

someone else’s gender identity isn’t about you

this article by janna leadbetter at is one of my favorite blog posts. like ever. the language used in it to discuss transgender people isn’t always up-to-date, but as of the time of this writing, none of it is harmful necessarily, just odd.

but the attitude is spot on. take this excerpt:

…a parent who denies their child [the] opportunity [to live as themself] is only concerned with their own happiness, what others think of them, and control of who they believe is a mere extension of them, rather than a separate human with different development and a right to individuality.

if you need to give a parent (or grandparent) of a trans kid a dressing down, this is the article for it.

questionable questions about transgender identity

cis folks often ask trans folks incredibly intrusive questions without consideration for whether that’s okay. this pdf created by the national center for transgender equality lists common questions asked in this way, gives general answers, and explains why asking each question is a no-go. i hope it’s able to stall off at least some of those awful questions for you.

biological sex is a spectrum thread by sciencevet

if you’ve had experiences similar to mine, you’ll have run into a lot of arguments along the lines of “there are only two sexes, therefore there are only two genders.” this is nonsense and it’s frustrating nonsense. this twitter thread by @ScienceVet2 (vetted by my biologist partner) is a great breakdown of how biological sex is much more complex than that gross oversimplification. it even discusses why this complexity is important to understand.

if you need more information to share on this topic, like i usually find myself needing in convos with many cis folks, has a decent explanation of the distinction between sex and gender. and you can direct folks to this video by intersex folks about being intersex, which also takes a moment to explain that being intersex and being trans are different.

gender variance around the world over time

this teen vogue article is a great introduction to instances of gender variance throughout multiple cultures across time. it aptly illustrates that trans identities are not new and that there are cultural models already in existence for honoring such identities. those claims that transness is “a new fad” are easily dismissed by this.

using non-binary pronouns 101: a how-to

i’ve run into a lot of well-meaning people who want to use my pronouns correctly, but get stumped by them. my guess is that there are a number of folks stuck in homes right now with people who want to get their pronouns right but currently aren’t. i wrote this blog post and created its accompanying resources to give those folks a space to learn about using non-binary pronouns in an in-depth and hands-on way. the how-to details methods of learning non-binary pronouns and provides practice worksheets. it also explains the etiquette of using pronouns and teaches people how to correct themselves and others when they make mistakes, which is applicable to all pronouns, not just non-binary ones.

for more resources on teaching cis folks about trans identities, explore the spreadsheet i mentioned earlier or check out my blog post about teaching kids queer history, all of the sources in which are of course also good for adult learners.

are there any resources for teaching folks about trans identities that you love that i missed? please link them in the comments for us to use!

want to support this project? become a patron at or toss me money for a coffee on venmo, @Ky-Magdalene.

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