6 funds and organizations supporting trans people during covid-19 to donate to or request support from

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hello, loves. i’ve been saying this a lot lately, but the fact remains that it’s hard out there these days. getting basic needs met is even more of a challenge that usual for many of us. to help address getting those basic needs met, i started a covid-19 tab on the trans resources spreadsheet, and in this post, i’m going to list some organizations and funds that are supporting trans folks during this pandemic.

if you’re able to financially support any of these funds or organizations, please do, especially if you’re a cis person. good accomplishship includes sharing resources, particularly since cis privilege means you’re more likely to be resourced.

if you’re not able to provide monetary support, help get the word out about the orgs and funds listed below via social media or bring it up over your zoom hangouts. word of mouth is the most effective way to garner support for something!

i’ve organized this list by geographic location in hopes that that will make it easy to navigate.


the trans resiliency fund “serve[s] trans women and trans femmes who are Black, Indigenous, and/or people of colour, particularly those engaged in sex economies – regardless of geographic location.” the fund has helped folks the world over and, if they aren’t able to meet your need, they can direct you to other avenues and support you through the process of seeking that help, according to their gofundme.

seek support from them here.

support them here.

the gender reveal trans mutual aid fund has helped trans folks in 6 continents so far by paying them out from the fund or connecting them directly with folks with resources to share via their twitter. funds are given out to support basic needs, including food, rent, and medication.

you can apply for support here.

you can donate here.


the black trans advocacy coalition’s black trans covid-19 community response grant program is giving microgrants of up to $125 “to ensure the basic needs of our most vulnerable populations are met.” they are granting from the following funds:

  • trans masculine, trans feminine or trans gnc/non-binary
  • golden flame senior 55+
  • people living with hiv
  • ball/house and pageant
  • health care workers on the front-line

applications are only open for a few more days (until May 1st). you can apply here.

you can donate here.


ingersoll gender center has many grant programs to support trans and gender non-conforming folks during this time. these programs include financial assistance for basic needs and for rent and serve various populations. they are also running a food access program for folks in king county.

you can apply for any of these programs here.

you can donate to support these programs here.

[update 3/16/2021: you might reconsider participation with Ingersoll Gender Center at this time. many current and former staff members have come forward about issues of anti-Blackness, other racism, and abusive behavior perpetrated by leadership at Ingersoll. click here to read and sign on to their letter about the situation.]

utopia’s qtpi relief fund is “provid[ing] financial assistance to all QTPI (Queer and/or Trans and Gender Diverse Pacific Islanders’) in Washington State who are experiencing a financial setback due to the negative economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.” they are providing up to $250 in cash assistance. they are also partnering with ingersoll in some of the efforts discussed above.

you can request support here.

you can donate here.

the trans women of color solidarity network provides financial support to meet the basic needs of two spirit people and trans women/trans femmes of color and has reopened funding after a brief hiatus to do so during covid-19. they provide low/no barrier financial support and can provide up to $250 per month.

you can request support here.

you can give a one-time donation to their gofundme, or you can sign up to be a monthly supporter via their patreon.

if you know of any orgs or fund that are supporting trans folks that i didn’t include, please drop them in the comments!

want to support this project? become a patron at patreon.com/kymagdalene. or toss me money for a coffee on venmo, @Ky-Magdalene.

2 thoughts on “6 funds and organizations supporting trans people during covid-19 to donate to or request support from”

  1. This is a wonderful list! I would also recommend including Heartspark Press in Olympia, WA. Here is information about what is being provided during the pandemic: Resource for transgender and non-binary community members. HUGs Food Pantry of Thurston County, a collaboration between UNITE Olympia, Gender Justice League, Thurston County Food Bank, and Heartspark Press. If you live in Thurston County and identify as transgender or non-binary, HUGs Food Pantry is offering food bags and essential needs (i.e. toilet paper, toothpaste) to be delivered at your front door. Visit http://www.heartsparkpress.org/foodbank to learn more and sign-up.


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