living towards liberation

image description: a dark blue rectangle with "living towards liberation" written in an all-caps font with the appearance of having been painted. each word is on its own line and is its own color. "living" is a coral. "towards" is orange. "liberation" is golden yellow.

hello, beloveds. i’m starting work on a series of blog posts titled living towards liberation. i’ve been thinking a lot about how to grow our ability to imagine a different, better world than the one we have and how to collectively create the world we wish to see by living into it.

i’m inspired by adrienne maree brown‘s work especially as i think about this. brown taught and continues to teach me a lot about living towards collective liberation. i highly recommend you check out her blog to either read her writing or to access the long list of audio interviews she has listed. her work is foundational for me in this.

my goal for this series is to increase access to tools that can help us grow our imagination and our practices. i’m writing this series with trans and/or non-binary folks as my primary audience; i write from a trans perspective to and for a trans audience and consider all of the topics i’ll be writing about to be trans issues. my hope is that this series helps us, in our unique position, to navigate the dominant system(s) in a way that allows us to be healthier individually and collectively and that it helps us to push those oppressive dominant systems out of existence so that survival is ultimately easier for everyone to attain.

this is not to say that i don’t hope that folks who are not trans or non-binary find this work useful; i very much hope they do. (i always hope they know that to work for trans liberation is to work for their own.) it’s only to say that i, as always, can find no way to separate trans and/ or non-binary issues from collective liberation and i want to be very clear on that.

trans communities do the work of imagining and enacting alternative ways of being as a means of survival — among our many other reasons for doing so. i want to center our wisdom here — for ourselves and for others, who have a lot to learn from us. white trans and/or non-binary folks also have a lot to learn from people of color, particularly trans and/or non-binary or otherwise gender non-conforming people of color. i want to center that wisdom as well. as bell hooks taught me, those living in the margins have the greatest perspective on liberating wisdom.

the idea is that together we’ll be discovering (because much wisdom already exists) and developing (because we’re always creating new technologies) ways of thinking about and living in the world that — hopefully support the struggle for collective liberation.

you can read the posts in the series here.

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5 thoughts on “living towards liberation”

  1. Yes! What a great post! Succinct and well-written. And setting forth the thrilling prospect of hearing more of your insights and ideas. I had a feeling when I suggested Emergent Strategies to you that it would inspire you to run with it! Can’t wait to read where you take it. Charles Eisenstein is another author/activist who works in this area of imagining and living into a different world. You can tell from his book titles, alone: “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible,” and “Sacred Economy.” He’s not queer or nonbinary but he also wants to envision and work for a different future. His work adds to the expansion of this particular approach to the problems of our time. It certainly has for me. And, of course bell hooks: All About Love: New Visions.


    1. thank you!!

      Emergent Strategy has been life-changing to me, truly. thank you so much for pointing me in its direction! adrienne maree brown is now one of my favorite thinkers; i learn so much from her work on the daily.

      i will absolutely add Eisenstein to my to-read list! i love work about living into a better world. and gosh, yes, i love bell hooks so much. her work has taught me so, so much!!


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