i am a white non-binary trans person living in and writing from seattle, on the unceded ancestral lands of the duwamish people. as a writer and community builder, much of my work is dedicated to surviving capitalism and help others do the same — while we also work to dismantle it and other oppressive systems and create room to thrive. i am dedicated to growing in love and justice and to collaboratively building models of community that embrace, nurture, and embody those values.

i am dedicated to racial justice. i continuously strive to make myself more racially literate and more capable of anti-racism work, educating myself by seeking out the voices of people such as bell hooks, Ibram X. Kendi, Leah Laskmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, adrienne maree brown, and others.

much of my experience and training are in crisis intervention. as a volunteer phone worker for a local warm line, i have partnered with individuals as they navigate trauma, houselessness, burgeoning notions of gender identity and experiments in expression, difficulty accessing healthcare, and other challenging situations. i have worked as a community journalist with a focus on amplifying marginalized voices and i’ve worked in healthcare access for vulnerable populations.

my goal for genderfuckery and other uprisings is to curate and create useful resources, which are inclusive of and particularly for trans and/or non-binary folks. i hope to make my experience and expertise available to others in a useful way.

a note on style

i hate capital letters. i find them ugly, generally speaking. because of this, you’ll notice old posts in which i completely abstain from using them. however, i am making effort to change this in such a way that names are capitalized (provided that they are in their source material, including a person’s directive to capitalize their name) and to properly capitalize race terms. if you see areas where i’m failing to be respectful, please let me know. i’m on twitter @KyMagdalene or you can email me at kymagdalene@gmail.com.

supporting this project

all of my educational work will always be available for free and open to the public, because i believe deeply in the freedom of information and education. if you believe in this project or have found it useful, please consider supporting me on patreon at patreon.com/kymagdalene. it helps me keep the lights on and gives me more time to do this work. you can also send me a donation on venmo: @ky-magdalene.

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