non-binary 101

using non-binary pronouns 101: a how-to resources

hey loved ones, this page contains all the resources i’ve created to go along with my using non-binary pronouns 101: a how to blog post and zine. if you haven’t read either yet, but have found your way here, you might find them useful!

pronoun worksheets:

all the resources i make are intended to be free and as accessible as possible, so you are encouraged to distribute them however you’d like! all i ask is that you don’t edit any of these things when you’re distributing them without checking in with me first. you can reach me at

there’s no obligation at all to credit me, especially since these materials all include my info, but it’s super appreciated if you do! 🙂

(if you are able and willing to support this work on patreon, please do! your support helps me keep creating these free resources!)


non-binary basics


a quick and easy guide to they/them pronouns by archie bongiovanni and tristan jimerson

trans things

trans resources spreadsheet

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