message to gov. inslee demanding a rent freeze — 3/26/2020

hey all, i’ve made a commitment to myself to reach out to at least one elected official a day, since that’s one of the things i can do to help others while self-isolating. i thought i’d start collecting those communications on this blog (i’ll be creating a specific page for them, too), so that y’all could use them as templates if you want.

below is the message i sent to gov. inslee (governor of washington) yesterday.

Subject: Rent Freeze 2020


“Hello Governor Inslee,

I am writing to urge you to move forward with Kshama Sawant’s call for you to enact a rent freeze for 2020. Many Washingtonians are out of work and have no way to make rent — they will also not magically have the money to pay their rent later if payments are simply deferred. Rent must be frozen statewide. Mortages must be frozen statewide. Utility bills must be frozen statewide.

Please do everything in your power to protect all of our — now increasingly vulnerable — community members by enacting these freezes. Please do so with extreme haste.

Ky [Deadname]
[Phone number]
[Email address]”

i sent this message to the governor via this page of the state site:

i hope this is useful! if you have message templates you’d like to share — or causes you want us to support by contacting elected officials — please comment with them below!