i write a lot of poetry in addition to the writing i do on this blog, so you’ll find poetry zines here, which i’m selling, alongside zines that were originally blog posts, which are available for free to print. it’s important to me that i get paid for my art and that the educational materials i create are freely available.

to buy any of the poetry zines, please email me at kymagdalene@gmail.com.

bravado will do is a love poetry collection exploring courage and its rewards. the collection is an eight-page mini zine. $5 including shipping.
image description: eight-page "using non-binary pronouns 101" mini zine pictured against a colorful pillow with intricate embroidered designs. the zine's cover has it's title and author's name, ky magdalene, as well as half of a non-binary gender symbol. the pillow rests against a couple unidentifiable white wooden structures and a small slice of blue wall.
using non-binary pronouns 101 is an eight-page mini zine how-to guide on using pronouns other than she/her and he/him! available for free to print here!